The legendary fire of 1900 destroyed Historic Whiskey Row and much of the rest of Downtown Prescott.  The two-story Grand Saloon & Hotel building opened in 1903.  One hundred ten years later, a second fire in May 2012, led to the rebirth of The Grand Highland Hotel.

In 1949, Howard Hinson Sr. decided to move his family out west, settling in Prescott, AZ.  He began the creation of a one of a kind curio store, The Holiday Shop, on the first floor of the hotel building.  Prescott residents and tourists could browse through a wide variety of items which included Native American jewelry, hunting and fishing gear, and even Converse shoes.   A few short years later, Hinson purchased the building including the upstairs hotel.  The hotel, complete with 16 guest rooms, 3 shared bathrooms, and a manager’s apartment, was renamed as The Highland Hotel.


In 1971, Hinson purchased the building next door, which contained three separate businesses.  Destroyed by the fire in May 2012, the resulting empty space created the inspiration for the Holiday Courtyard.  The fire, which also caused significant smoke damage to the adjoining hotel building, gave rise to the decision to reconstruct the hotel.  Thus, the Hinson Family embarked on
an adventure focused on providing a friendly, fun, and uniquely sophisticated experience to each visitor and guest.  The 12 newly created historically
themed rooms, each complete with a private bathroom, provide the foundation for a unique hotel experience intended to create a life time of memories.